Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy VD!!!

Not much to say this Valentine's Day. This will be the 5th Valentine's Day that Michelle and I will be spending together, except this time there will be even more lonely people to join us!
The BF is off on an uninhabited island in French Polynesia studying an endangered species of sandpiper, which really is an amazing opportunity. And I'm really happy for him. I just wish he could have negotiated a way to get me to go too.
Anyway, turns out that the BF is pretty much sweet and awesome. I got a delivery today!
He had arranged for this to be delivered to me before he even left! And he even put into consideration the fact that I hate roses and I love orange! I really did luck out with this fella.


Katie said...

you are pretty much the coolest person I know~

John G said...

no updates?? why