Monday, March 15, 2010

... and I kicked.

So I had this dream last night.

I was in some sort of interactive museum... almost like a haunted old mansion from the movies... with a lot of red couches. So I'm looking at all the things on display and I see a creepy stick insect on a spider web. This little girl yells at me, "You're standing too close to the spider! Get away!" "You're standing too close to the... that thing!" I had been referring to the creepy stick insect, by the way. Just then a monkey, it was about 3 feet tall or so, came up and grabbed the stick bug and ate it. He looked at me, grabbed the spider (which was about tarantula sized), and ate it. I asked the woman who worked there if the monkey was supposed to do that, she picked it up and said it was fine, then passed the monkey to me.
I carried the monkey around the museum for a while... until it broke. The monkey just broke in half. I looked around to see if anyone saw, nope. So I put the two pieces together and the monkey just blinked and yawned. I asked the monkey if he was tired, and he nodded yes, so I set him down on a counter for his nap so I could continue looking around. The monkey grabbed my arm. I asked the monkey if he wanted me to lie down for a nap too, and he nodded yes. I asked the monkey if he wanted to sit on the couch with me, so we went over to a couch and sat down. But while I was sitting there my co-workers from my field job showed up and told me the museum was closing and it was time to go. So I put the monkey in a cage, which looked a bit like a lab cage from a science fiction movie, and told the museum curator where it was. She said they didn't use those anymore, and carried the monkey away.
So I was driving away with my co-workers, and the vehicles were... Transformers (more than meets the eye)... from the cartoon, not the movie. We all got tired along the way, so the transformers all laid out under some trees (in robot form, not vehicle form) and my co-workers and I slept in a trailer tent.
We woke up early to the sound of strange noises, and it turns out that we had been followed by a traveling carnival... who wanted to put us all on display (not sure why they wanted me and the co-workers and not just the transformers). So the guys who worked for the carnival (who were wearing black uniforms and black berets) were trying to break into the tent, while my co-workers and I were trying to pull the shades on the tent. I was trying to keep the tent snapped together and the carnival men were pulling it apart... and I was so frustrated and I kicked at the carnival man....

and then my leg kicked at the air... and it woke me up.
I was trying to kick so hard in my dream that I actually kicked my leg out... and I kicked so hard that it woke me up.
Luckily I only kicked the air and not my boyfriend. But I did start laughing at myself so hard that it woke him up too. And then he didn't remember it later, because apparently he wasn't quite awake, but I swear he laughed about it too.

Anyway, I thought it was funny.

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John G said...

:) quite the dream~