Sunday, January 3, 2010

And the spinning begins

So today I decided that I should go to a fiber store. Because although I have ordered and received some really pretty fiber from a couple of sellers on etsy, I'm worried that since I don't actually know what I'm doing yet that it will be a big waste to use up the pretty fiber to make yucky yarn.
So yes, I stopped by The Fiber Studio (48th and Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis) to get some stuff to practice.
I walked into the store, and the lovely owner Pam asked if I had any questions. I replied, "Well, I've got tons of questions. I just got a wheel." (Yes, I love telling my wheel story, particularly to people who will actually appreciate hearing it). "And I've signed up for a class at the Textile Center... but it doesn't start until February and I want to start now! What's a good practice fiber?"
Pam's eyes lit up when she told me that I came on the right day, because there just happened to be a spinning group downstairs! Oh, but I didn't bring my wheel. sniff
No worries, Pam let me borrow one! We went in the basement and there were about 6 people with their spinning wheels and one fella with a spindle. I sat between two ladies with wheels, and the lady to my right (I think it was Celeste, but I'm terrible with names) gave me some pointers, I watched what she did, and I started spinning!
When I left for the fiber studio, I honestly thought I would only be there for 15-30 minutes, you know, just to pick out some stuff and head back home.
Three hours later I had this!Apparently it's pretty darn good for a first try. All the spinners said that their first yarn was thick and thin, not very consistent. I really can't figure why mine is so thin though. (Yes, I understand that if I let thicker bits of fiber through the yarn would have ended up thicker. But it just didn't feel right.)
I was also worried that maybe I wouldn't do as well on my wheel at home. So I spent a large portion of the evening practicing a bit more.
It's not too consistent in the thickness, but I'm pretty pleased about my first day of spinning. And I really wish it were February already. I want this class to start before I go ahead and learn too much on my own.

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