Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Moving Right Along

I haven't had loads of time to spin. I spend most of my time away from home, but am worried that moving the spinning wheel to my boyfriend's apartment could be considered an invasion of space. I've continued to spin on the spindle at the bf's place and come home a for a while every day to feed the birds, clean the cage, and spin on the wheel.

I was dinking around on ravelry for a while yesterday and another newbie spinner posted that she was ready for the yarn thwacking. Although I have six books on spinning at the moment, I haven't gotten far enough in any of them to know about the thwacking part yet. I took this as an opportunity to expand my spinning experience. I read the next few posts and decided that it was time I washed my yarn (especially since my first completed yarn had a sort of slimy, waxy feel to it) and give it a good thwack!
I'm not really sure if the thwacking made a lot of difference in the end product, but I have to admit that it was an enjoyable experience.

I also started spinning another bit of fiber. It's two ounces of corriedale roving from misty meadow designs. I bought this in September at the State Fair... before I had a wheel or a spindle. It's quite pretty; orange, red, and burgundy. I started with the orange bit first (naturally) and have gotten a bit into the red.
The color is a bit washed out since there is no sun today and I had to settle for flash photography. Here's the rest of it.
I think when all is done, this will be a hat... well, I at least hope it will be enough yarn for a hat. Because I think it would be a pretty cute hat.

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